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tv   [untitled]    September 16, 2012 5:30am-6:00am PDT

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gaming is deprived of its human logic in outcome is to cherish inhumane. first usa president racist chauvinist government pride. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for the admonishment not to talk about campaigns david. i'm not running for district 3 supervisor, and i know you are. so good luck to you. i came to talk about a couple of points. number one, i know san francisco is low on the flow, and the flow is coming out of -- at the rate of 1.5 million tons of radioactive wait, it's 800 miles off the cost and the government of japan lied to the people about the meltdowns and lied to
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the japanese people as well. to make up for their lies they've offered billions of dollars to the governments of north america, that includes the city and county of san francisco, so that we can help -- to help offset the cost of payment for cleaning up the radioactive waste that's coming ashore, scheduled for approximately october of this year. so that's one issue. the second issue is i really want to commend the richmond district democratic club for calling to investigate mayor ed lee for the perjury that took place on june 29, in here in city hall, at the mic rimi hearing. i was at that hearing. i was not removed. the sheriff's department, officer sane, who was here earlier today, great guy. he didn't move. you know, he said we were not ordered out of the room. but the mayor was. and so -- and the last issue is
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the issue of violence in san francisco. the communist party in china, working through rose pack is beating up practicing members of fong gong in chinatown. the police department is not investigating, d.a. is not investigating. there will be a rally. the public is invited. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. thank you for letting me be here. i'm from the commission. my name is nancy kyleer. there's my supervisor and i hope he listens to me. ross mirkarimi, there was no official misconduct occurred, none. okay. we have to reinstate him. okay. i've known ross since like 2005, january, the pro-choice march out in the embarcadero. i have a huge picture of him and
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miguel bustos. i remember him. he was a member of this board for a long time. he's part of us. the people voted for him for sheriff. and to try to overturn that in any way is undemocratic. okay. and it was also -- the the decision by the mayor, i mean did we want him to become that powerful and set a precedent? no. we do not. we have to reinstate ross, okay. we have to do the right thing, you all, not the political thing. we will still vote for you, okay. we will let you become supervisors next time around. please vote for ross. i voted for you too, mr. avalos. >> president chiu: thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afteternoon, president chiu and supervisors. ♪ swanee, how we love you, how
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we love you, my dear old city mirkarimi. ♪ i give a good to see you again when you get back to your sheriff and that will be when. ♪ swanee, swanee, ross mirkarimi, that's when we want you back again, and the folks up north will see you again, when you get back to the store and be sheriff once again. ♪ sheriff swanee mirkarimi, how we love you, my dear old ross mirkarimi. the folks up north will see you again, when you get back your sheriff's den. ♪ all of it, why not take all of it. ♪ all of it, why not -- what
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about district 6. ♪ i can't live my life without a good budget. sthoat take it all. we'll never use it. ♪ and going to break away the blues it. ♪ you're going to make it fine. ♪ leave me with a district that shines and wins. ♪ that's what we need from you, supervisor jane kim. ♪ you took the part that once was a city heart. ♪ so why not make the district 6, make it the best of all of it >> president chiu: next speaker please. >> honorable board of supervisors -- greetings. my name is -- herrera from the -- and the mission coalition
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in san francisco here to speak on behalf of commissioner mirk mirkarimi, nine month of dishonesty -- the only bravery or civic duty have come up from the sheriff, his wife, who stood up and said this isn't fair, we're not going to bow. and for the city have been ever since fighting, fighting, with honesty because this is a democracy issue. that is a political issue. i said it before. you were placed in a tenuous position. it is very unfair, very unfair, the -- of san francisco was unfair when he -- the member that one. he's being unfair now. you know what, he's unfair in the future. that's a slam-dunk. that's a clinker. i'm just here like jack webb used to say as sgt. friday. it's a political issue. and it's very unfair to place
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before you, prior to election, if i were you, i going to be running, and you will not be waiting, in one side there's the people, want -- the board of directors, the sheriff, on the other side the people, in favor. you have to make that choice. that is very unfair. and you're going to have to think about it because public opinion finally has changed, has changed. the majority of people, so what is going on, you have to -- sense of civic duty, bravery, and you have any doubt or you have any more questions, you have the power to postpone your judgment until after the election. that will be proper, and a very honorable way to assure fairness and -- in your judgment. thank you so much. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon.
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my name's douglas -- everyone knows today is a dark day in history but i'd like to point out one fact that most people don't know is that minneapolis, f.b.i. office, came very close to uncovering the plot, but in the opinion of some of us, political interference in d.c. prevented the full plot from being fully known and eventually the full story will be known, even though some agents have been publicly reprimanded for trying to figure out why the plot was not found out in time. but i would hike to thank the minneapolis office. they came very close to uncovering the plot in time, but political interference in d.c. stopped them in my opinion. secondly, we don't have to worry as much about international activities. i would like to say my part to say that another threat in
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america is public corruption. there are more of us taking part to uncover public corruption. and everybody knows in the room who i'm talking about. and i would like to say that the local press, v, -- tv, radio and print, you have been protecting political corruption way too much. you refuse to follow the stories you ask us about. and you refuse to say anything about the suspects. well i'm warning you once and for all, justice may be slow, but like bin laden, you will be found, and you will be discovered, and eventually, you will be exposed. so i'm warning the press in san francisco bay area, stop protecting public corrupters. thank you. >> president chiu: next speaker.
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good afternoon. i am aja. my supervisor is sitting over there, supervisor kim, doing a great job in the community. i also came to talk about sheriff ross mirkarimi too. i was reading the newspaper about the morning -- until after the election. i don't think you should wait until after the election. i've been knowing ross since -- i think before when helen ann was running for district attorney, i worked with him on that campaign. it was a bunch of buffoonery. i didn't get to see the ethics commission thing because i don't think that you should decide if he gets out of office, and i don't think the mayor should decide if he gets out of office. i think you should put it up to a vote, to the community, that elected him. i know i voted for him because i
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believe in the man. but if he committed a crime of any sort, he should be put out of office. he really should. if he's committed a crime. so, you know, i feel sorry for you all having to decide on that because i wouldn't want to do it. but i think it should be put back to the voters. if you have -- if you supposed to have faith in democracy and stuff it should be put back to the voters. thank you. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. go good afternoon. my name is tammy brian, i work and live in district 5 and i raised three children in the western division, we've all lost more than one friend to homicide. i'm here today because i'm on annual leave. i work for unemployment. i adjudicate eligibility for unemployment insurance based on the reason for separation. to deny insurance eligibility there has to be work related
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misconduct. if my determination is appealed it goes to a administrative law judge. the case with the sheriff, he did not commit official misconduct from my decade of adjudicating unemployment insurance. i do not expect you to vote on your vote to reflect whether or not you like him or agree with him and his politics even though the overwhelming majority of san franciscans support him and support reinstating him that's not a reason to vote for reinstatement. many of my neighbors in the western division are mortified that their vote has been stolen from them by mayor ed lee. people who voted for lee are furious with him. your vote is solely based on whether or not he committed misconduct and it only bolsters my contention he did not. i implore you base your decision on the evidence and find no misconduct occurred. i feel it was the mayor who did
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not evacuate the public with a bomb threat. this was on city property and directly related to his official duty as mayor. that is where our effort should be focused. i would like to close with a quote from the attorney from the fog city journal and let you know -- [speaking spanish] -- if you look at this as a lawyer, you have to come down to the fact that this crime that he pled to a low level misdemorn does not constitute official misconduct within the meaning of the city charter. sometimes doing the right thing isn't the popular thing and the supervisor needs to do the right thing and not be afraid of their political life. thank you. >> president chiu: thanks. next speaker. >> overhead please. >> president chiu: sfgov-tv? there it is. if we could switch the the microphone. >> this is fine. i can see the time, how it runs
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out. on the other side, i can't. in a few days we're going to have another anniversary. occupy wall street started mid-september. kind of helped define the 1%, 99%, what we have. our san francisco, that's our version up there. where have they gone, you know, but at least they left us the distribution of wealth issue. and i thank them for that. they're a ragtag little bunch left out at the bottom still in san francisco. where is the 1%? oddly we talked about it here all last week. they're across the street at -- # washington. they want to super-size their height, super-size their profits. they want 400 units between two and 8 million, the 1%. so instead why don't we come up with a different community
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living arrangement. why don't we come up with a mixed use, where there's one-third condos, one-third cost of living apartments, one-third affordable housing, 10% section eight. we can come up with a designs on the interior that can actually help a community be formed in the building. first change with something like that, the condo's prices are going down because they're not paying a premium for exclusivity. the second change is all the other exclusive condos in the city will have a boost because people will pay for the premium of exclusivity. now we have chance to live with policemen, firemen and nurses. it's an election year. we need a few good heroes. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker.
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go good afternoon. my name is ras ario cervantes, i live in district 11. i like heroes too. democracy gives us a choice, it doesn't take it away. i wear this button to stand with ross because i believe he is our sheriff and we should have him back, doing the work that there's so much to be done, there's so much homicides going on, there is groups here, ross works with all these groups, especially the healing circle, maddie scott, and -- brown, it seems none of the homicides are solved and we need him back to work. to remove him without pay there is no justification for it. i'm asking you to make the right choice, vote with your conscience and have ross back as our sheriff. thank you. >> president chiu: good afternoon. peter warfield, speaking as an individual. i'd like to draw attention to the completely unequal treatment
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that goes on in san francisco. with respect to certain forms of justice. if you are the appointee of the mayor, everything is overlooked. as in the case of the library commission president, who was found by the ethics commission to the -- having committed misconduct and should be sacked. the mayor's grossly unequal treatment shown in these two cases should be an issue with you, the supervisors, and with all san franciscans. i'm also executive director of library users association, and wanted it give an update on the
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bernal heights library branch mural which is a mural featuring victor -- and the history of bernal heights neighborhood. that mural is scheduled for destruction now in a very few weeks, unless you or the mayor take some action to prevent it. we are having an event at the library this weekend, and i urge folks to come. details are available from us at library users, 2004 at thank you very much. >> president chiu: next speaker.
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>> they gave me a notice and said i'm permanently evict from the press room. but i had a meeting with the real estate people there and i think they're going to rescind that. but my question is still today, who, who, who, who's in control, right here in san francisco. you know, i've been in some 20 years and been through five administrations. i never seen such display of corruptness, not blaming all of you. i've never seen so much -- conspiracy going on in one town here. it's hard to see. the world is looking at the major elections but i'm going to do something gold and step out, go beyond city hall, ask federal
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government to come in and take a look at city hall, see how it's structured here. i know the mayor's supposed to be the boss but my question is, who, who, who, who's in control, right here in san francisco. >> i'm here was an african-american black negro, standing in front of you, i'm the self appointed zar, and the department heads, even this board of supervisors will be dealing with me for the duration for the next 10 years. we've been having studies on this and studies this. let's study the projection of where the black man will be in 17 years. do a study on that. that will show you the conspiracy going on before most of you all took over these seats, maybe before you were born. the thing is there ain't no history. i'm checking the history. urs truly, ace is on the case.
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>> president chiu: are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? public comment is now closed. madam clerk, could you please read our adoption consulted. >> angela calvillo: 2 through 26 are being considered for adoption without committee reference. these items will be acted upon by a single roll call vote. if a member would like to discuss a item it will be discussed. >> president chiu: would anyone like to sever these items? >> angela calvillo: items 2 through 26, farrell, aye. supervisor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. supervisor olague, aye. supervisor wiener, aye. supervisor avalos, aye. supervisor campos, aye. president chiu, aye. supervisor chu, aye. supervisor cohen, aye. supervisor elsbernd, aye. there are 11 ayes. >> president chiu: the resolutions are adopted. madam clerk, could you read the in in memoriam ums. yes ngeddle cle. today's meeting will be
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adjourned on behalf of supervisor farrell for the late mr. chuck huggins, on behalf of supervisor carmen chu for the late ms. norah patricia spears, and celia rodriguez. on behalf of president chiu for the late author t to author fobe late -- and on behalf of supervisor olague and supervisor cohen for the late mr. james mccray sr. >> president chiu: i there any more business in front of the body? >> angela calvillo: that concludes our business for the day. >> president chiu: ladies and gentlemen, we are adjourned.
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when a resident of san francisco is looking for health care, you look in your neighborhood first. what is closest to you? if you come to a neighborhood health center or a clinic, you then have access it a system of care in the community health network. we are a system of care that was probably based on the family practice model, but it was really clear that there are special populations with special needs. the cole street clinic is a youth clinic in the heart of the haight ashbury and they target youth. tom woodell takes care of many of the central city residents and they have great expertise in providing services for many of the homeless. potrero hill and southeast health centers are health centers in those particular communities that are family
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health centers, so they provide health care to patients across the age span. . >> many of our clients are working poor. they pay their taxes. they may run into a rough patch now and then and what we're able to provide is a bridge towards getting them back on their feet. the center averages about 14,000 visits a year in the health clinic alone. one of the areas that we specialize in is family medicine, but the additional focus of that is is to provide care to women and children. women find out they're pregnant, we talk to them about the importance of getting good prenatal care which takes many visits. we initially will see them for their full physical to determine their base line health, and then enroll them in prenatal care which occurs over the next 9 months. group prenatal care is designed to give women the opportunity
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to bond during their pregnancy with other women that have similar due dates. our doctors here are family doctors. they are able to help these women deliver their babies at the hospital, at general hospital. we also have the wic program, which is a program that provides food vouchers for our families after they have their children, up to age 5 they are able to receive food vouchers to get milk and cereal for their children. >> it's for the city, not only our clinic, but the city. we have all our children in san francisco should have insurance now because if they are low income enough, they get medical. if they actually have a little more assets, a little more income, they can get happy family. we do have family who come outside of our neighborhood to come on our clinic. one thing i learn from our clients, no matter how old they
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are, no matter how little english they know, they know how to get to chinatown, meaning they know how to get to our clinic. 85 percent of our staff is bilingual because we are serving many monolingual chinese patients. they can be child care providers so our clients can go out and work. >> we found more and more women of child bearing age come down with cancer and they have kids and the kids were having a horrible time and parents were having a horrible time. how do parents tell their kids they may not be here? what we do is provide a place and the material and support and then they figure out their own truth, what it means to them. i see the behavior change in front of my eyes. maybe they have never been able
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to go out of boundaries, their lives have been so rigid to sort of expressing that makes tremendous changes. because we did what we did, it is now sort of a nationwide model. >> i think you would be surprised if you come to these clinics. many of them i think would be your neighbors if you knew that. often times we just don't discuss that. we treat husband and wife and they bring in their kids or we treat the grandparents and then the next generation. there are people who come in who need treatment for their heart disease or for their diabetes or their high blood pressure or their cholesterol or their hepatitis b. we actually provide group medical visits and group education classes and meeting people who have similar chronic illnesses as you do really helps you understand that you are not alone in dealing with this. and it validates the
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experiences that you have and so you learn from each other. >> i think it's very important to try to be in tune with the needs of the community and a lot of our patients have -- a lot of our patients are actually immigrants who have a lot of competing priorities, family issues, child care issues, maybe not being able to find work or finding work and not being insured and health care sometimes isn't the top priority for them. we need to understand that so that we can help them take care of themselves physically and emotionally to deal with all these other things. they also have to be working through with people living longer and living with more chronic conditions i think we're going to see more patients coming through. >> starting next year, every day 10,000 people will hit the age of 60 until 2020. . >> the needs of the patients
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that we see at kerr senior center often have to do with the consequences of long standing substance abuse and mental illness, linked to their chronic diseases. heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, stroke, those kinds of chronic illnesses. when you get them in your 30's and 40's and you have them into your aging process, you are not going to have a comfortable old age. you are also seeing in terms of epidemics, an increase in alzheimer's and it is going to increase as the population increases. there are quite a few seniors who have mental health problems but they are also, the majority of seniors, who are hard-working, who had minimum wage jobs their whole lives, who paid social secur


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